Families in PA have Public School Choices: Consider Cyber School

By Reese Flurie, CEO of CCA

Did you know Pennsylvania families have choices when it comes to which public school their children attend? Whatever your student’s educational needs, you have a public school choice: the neighborhood school or a public online school like CCA.


CCA is a top, accredited K-12 public online school that provides a high-quality education for your child from the safety of your home. And just like any other public school, CCA is tuition-free and no cost to your family. There’s no waitlist to enroll.

CCA students learn at their own pace with an educational program designed to match each child’s interests, skills and educational needs. Learning takes place at anytime from anywhere with a free laptop from CCA. Plus, CCA provides a subsidy to help you pay for internet service.

This flexible learning environment is perfect for students of any academic ability. CCA offers advanced coursework, tutoring sessions, accommodations via individualized education plans for special education students and support for English-as-a-second-language students.

CCA values the family’s role in education. Not only will we build your child’s personalized education together, but parents and guardians serve as their child’s learning coach to guide their education, ensuring progress is made and goals are met. As students progress through school, they integrate more virtual classes and independent learning into their schedules. Learning coaches and teachers help students prepare for life after high school, whether that’s continued education, a job or military service.

An online education does not mean isolation. Learning comes alive at CCA with virtual lessons that can be accessed in real time or viewed later, workbook projects, conservatory programs, internship opportunities and more. Your child will interact with teachers and classmates during lessons and through school clubs and field trips throughout the state.

No matter where you live in Pennsylvania or where your child is in his or her educational journey, CCA might just be the perfect fit.