Rev. Dr. Brenda Alton

CEO – Chief Encouraging Officer

Brenda Alton Ministries

Legacy Summit 2018: It’s Your Diamond Year

The impetus for the Legacy Summit 2018 is derived from observing the poor, the middle class, the young, and the young at heart seeking a better lifestyle, but not having access to the tools to do so. Even more, that there are relevant instructions accompanying those tools and lastly, having instructions that are applicable now.

In pursuit to provide information that is applicable, Brenda Alton Ministries (BAM!) has gathered a team of phenomenal life-application educators to share how to play the money game, how to grow into your best self from the inside out, how to achieve optimal health, finding wealth through education, life insurance, entrepreneurship, and property.

The Legacy Summit’s theme is “This is Your Diamond Year.”  The meaning behind the theme is that the word “legacy” means bequest or the inheritance of something passed down. Diamonds are brilliant and the most sought-after objects globally. The word “diamond” comes from the Greek word “Adamas” and means unconquerable and indestructible.

BAM! is intentionally seeking those who are the sought-after and do not recognize they are. They are like the diamond – brilliant. Regardless of poverty or hard times, the Legacy Summit affirms that you and your legacy are too bright and resilient to ignore.

The Legacy Summit is ready to meet you right where you are to introduce you to your Legacy Diamond Year. What are you willing to be connected to or to invest yourself in to proudly leave behind?