In her earliest memories, Felicia Renae remembers singing Whitney Houston songs and learning everything she could about performing. Growing up, she performed in local plays, soaking up every experience that could help make her a better singer and actor. That heart eventually led her to the University of Pittsburgh where she would study music, acting, and complete a degree in Latin American Language and Literature.

Next, Felicia decided she would follow the footsteps of the greats and “Take the A Train,” moving to Harlem in New York City. She dove into writing, recording, and performing songs, and with the release of her first single, super ballad, “My Heart, “Felicia Renae became recognized by Sirius XM Satellite Radio and many others as a rising star.

The vulnerable passion of “My Heart” created instant fans and inspired her to write and record her full-length debut album. The album Underneath has been met with stellar reviews and has been performed in a live show at the renowned Sirius XM Satellite Radio Studios in NYC.

The album has a lot to offer. Need a little motivation? The thematic song “Warrior” is an outcry for anyone with a battle to fight, and Felicia happily lent its power to become the song of the World Surgical Foundation, a local nonprofit that travels the globe performing free surgeries for those in need.

In addition to promoting her album, Felicia has spent the last year on countless stages across the globe, performing as a triple threat in off Broadway and professional theaters across the country. She’s graced the Today Show, backing artists like Boy George and others, and is working on her next release.

Check out her debut album “Underneath,” and see what music lovers are buzzing about!