From the Publisher of The Urban Connection, Life Empowerment Strategist Vera Cornish now brings you Dare to Dream with Vera Cornish. This kaleidoscope of stories of Vera’s journey was created to inspire, motivate, and be a catalyst for being crazy enough to believe that all things are possible.

Imagine a life that begins with Fast Black, June Bug, and a pink Cadillac in the Hill District of Pittsburgh, leading to the mountains of Pennsylvania, and a little further down the road, you’re working on a college campus in the president’s office!

From backstage passes to marvelous music festivals to incredible relationships, the journey continues.

Who is Vera Cornish?

Vera Cornish is a dreamer that is crazy enough to believe dreams do come true! Challenged to write a personal vision statement was a significant turning point in the life of Vera Cornish. Eighteen months later in 1999, she resigned from her position as the first director of institutional diversity at Harrisburg Area Community College and launched Cornish & Associates Inc.

Vera is a firm believer in social entrepreneurship – for-profit for good! She is the founder of The Urban Connection of the Capital Region, the premier print, digital, and multimedia lifestyle resource for multicultural audiences. She is also the founder of The Access & Opportunity Breakfast Series, connecting business, education, government, and community, The Access & Opportunity Career Fair, and Make the Connection. Where did the signature events begin? That’s an easy answer, The Women of Heritage Leadership Breakfast.

Vera has garnered a reputation as a dynamic motivational, inspirational and transformational speaker, facilitator and empowerment strategist.

Vera encourages individuals to learn from the past, embrace today and Dare To Dream in all aspects of their lives.

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