Over the years, Peter White has maintained a reputation as one of the most versatile and prolific acoustic guitarists on the contemporary jazz landscape. Armed with an unparalleled combination of lyricism and energy, he combines elements of jazz, pop, and classical guitar to create a sound that is singular and at the same time accessible to a broad audience.

In a career that spans nearly four decades, White insists that it’s the faces in the crowd and the fans that keep the experience fresh.

“I’ll play a live show, and someone will come to me afterward and say, ‘Oh, I loved this CD,’ or, ‘This song helped me through a bad time,’” he explains. “The idea that someone can write me an email and tell me about something I did on a record that was released 15 years ago – you can’t buy that. That’s priceless. That’s what keeps me going – the idea that people out there really care about what I do, the idea that I’ve made a difference for someone.”

Peter White will headline the Dauphin County Jazz & Wine Festival on Sun., September 9 at Fort Hunter Park. Tickets for the entire three-day event are just $50 in advance.